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Danger Road - single


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The songs are written ready for recording in a couple of weeks here is a teaser for any CB’ers or decoders-


‘You say your leaving I don’t want anymore, it’s a 10-69 and then a 10-4’

album will be available this summer.


Bombers in Belfast


just got back from a tour of Belfast, Friday night we played at The Titanic museum for a diversity and equality awards evening, 

Prince Harry and Meghan where in the building and it where very nervous when the Bomb Squad police asked us what the name of our band was? we whispered the Bombers part but luckily they saw the funny side and did laugh along with us. Great night and thanks to Emma Bardsley for booking us, The Titanic venue was spectacular, As we where in Belfast anyway we got in touch with Victor Gillespie and said do you want us to play as all expenses have already been covered, we played at McKennas bar at quite short notice and wow what a party, great people and genuine music entuasiasts. 

We stopped at a hotel called Abbeydene that has so much history in it including having had presidents stopped there, it is run by Tim Clifford another music  enthusiast that really looked after us with breakfasts and meals aswell as great conversations about music.

 A real pleasure to meet some old and make some new friends, hopefully it won’t be 10 years before we are back again.


Dave, Landon and Paul

Wow what a great Rockin Cruisin' weekend


The Hicksville Bombers managed to liven up the Rolks Royce club in Derby,

on the Friday then it was Twinwood with Country Cattin' doing the Hillbilly 

Western swing thing, great venue and a awesome place, sunday it was back 

with The Bombers and down south to Enfield for The American and Custom 

Car show at Whitewebbs transport museum, awesome day and backing


resting now getting ready to do another full weekend next week. 

D-Day Amsterdam



 What a fantastic day at The D-Day Festival at The Cruise Inn 

in Amsterdam, thanks to everyone there it was just awesome, it was 

Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems first gig abroad and they went down  a 

storm, all the bands where excellent, hope everyone enjoys the albums 

they all bought,

 see you all soon

The Hicksville Bombers

Mayhem Madness


well we travelled 900 miles in 2 days Saturday night at a gig we have been doing for over 20

years, The Crondall Rock'n'Roll club, it's great to play to so many now friends at the gigs we

do, thanks to Janie, Andy and the rest of the Crondall team, after the gig we followed Nigel,

Sally and Trey down to Bournemouth thanks to them for letting us stop. Sunday after a great breakfast

we travelled to Camborne in Cornwall for the 50's Mayhem Madness, we love playing in Cornwall 

its a great place and great people big thanks to Jackie and Kev as well as all the Becketts,

see you all soon.

Riverside Rockabilly's


WOW what a top gig at the furthest south west Wales, it was great to play an old-skool type Rockabilly club, without any posers, politicians etc, this was the first night with a band after building up with records hops for a year,.

Awesome night lost count of how many encores and sales of t-shirts and CD's, everybody so friendly and enjoying themselves, good luck with the club and will see you again soon.

Hicksville Bombers-update


WOW! what a great start to the new year, a full house at Lincoln, Nine Lives and Fireball Rock'n'Roll clubs great to see so many people at the gigs and thanks for buying the new album and T-shirts, February will be in the western-star recording studio with Sharna-mae & The Mayhems, we have written 10 new tracks and even a christmas song, it should be released before Sharna-mae's UK tour in April and will definately be available at the Rockabilly Rave and The Americana etc when they play there- after that The Hicksville Bombers will be writing new material for there second release with Western-star that will be available on vinyl as well.

 Bookings are well into next year so book early- / 07846546320

See you at a gig/festival soon keep rockin'

The Hicksville Bombers 

The Hillbilly Bop, Heathens car show, Barlborough


Great night at The Hillbilly Bop, a packed audience and great to see so many people singing along and requesting the brand new songs of the new CD, thanks to everyone involved great people and friends see you maybe next year???

The Harley Davidson Super Rally 2015


Well what can we say????

what a gig must be the best one of the year, The Bombers headlined the Rock'n'roll stage at the Harley Davidson super rally which wasn't the main stage, but within' a short time word got around and the hall we played was packed to the rafters and the main stage half full, we where told there was over 22,000 people booked in and more still arriving, we where told to play between 9.30 and 11.30 but have a break in the middle, we played to a wild crazy audience from all over europe and the first time we checked the time it was 11.00, so decided to carry on without a break, then with encores it was well after 12 when we came of stage lol, but we could have carried on, Sharna-mae got up with James and did a spot to a room full of photographers and they loved it, loads of enquiries to play Germany, Belgium, Denmark, what a great gig thanks to the promotors that booked us and well done to the DJ Little Annie-leigh, John and Brenda for the DJ'ing.

still on a high lol.


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