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Wild rockabilly, Bluesabilly, Rock'n'roll and more.

The 'Bombers' play a set of their own self-written material, some chosen covers that they do all in there own unique style.

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The 2018 release of 'Danger Road' has made it to number one for the september UK Rock indie chart , thanks to everyone that has purchased it.

Number 1 - indie UK Rock chart 2018


2018 has seen the latest line-up for The Hicksville Bombers, featuring lead guitarist/vocalist Dave Brown, Landon Filer on double bass and Paul Saunders on drums. Dave has continued to write songs and now with Landon and Paul adding a great feel and passion to the Bombers, they are tearing it up with their original raw wild sound.

      Wanting to capture that live Bombers sound on disc, they headed for Sugar Rays Recording studio. Using the late 40’s and 1950’s recording techniques with original vintage equipment, they recorded exactly the same way they did back then, all Lo-Fi with no overdubs, all the tracks are originals apart from - Red Right Hand and Jungle Rock.

 The Hicksville Bombers are excited about these recordings and the way things are heading, even though sometimes you have to live dangerously it may be worth the risk.

"see you on the road"